Still trying to catch up

We had our first egg from a French Copper Maran. We've waited on these  "chocolate" eggs since February.
Pearl was sold to a family from North Dakota, who just moved here.
See why my plants have rocks around them?
I got a much needed day to myself!  I went to Decatur for shopping and exploring a few historic sites.
Along with practically a whole new wardrobe due to weight loss, I scored two more blue ball canning jars at an antique shop.
While I had a day off, Emmi had the kids make butter, the shake in the jar method.
Then she made shortbread cookies, and let each child make their own.
I think I have canned the last of the green beans, tomatoes and cantaloupe are coming in now.  And there will be lots of black eyed peas to shell when they all dry up.
AJ got a banana pudding for his birthday "cake".
He is 14, and the last of our summer birthdays.
This was a night when EVERYTHING on the plate (and cup) was grown/ raised here on the farm!
Finally got the ice machine up and running.

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  1. That's my beautiful bride of almost 30 years! Love you! David