Lots of canning and random stuff

This week the garden has produced 4 gallons of pickles.  My dill has not bloomed, though, so these are the easy refrigerator method pickles.
Waid made a power plant this week, including movable turbines.
The family bought me an 8' picnic table for my birthday.
We had another one of our hams this week.
Avery turned 12.
I canned 21 jars of applesauce, thanks to our generous neighbors who gave us apples!
Emmi made Avery's birthday cake.  She put "62" on it with sprinkles, for our combined ages---we share a birthday.

This is our best garden ever, and I am so thankful!  
Canning does get tiring, but it's worth it.

21 quarts of green beans were canned today, and I'm shooting for 21 more tomorrow.  It takes two quarts per meal to feed us.  So far (after tomorrow) I have canned enough beans to feed us over 30 meals!!!
Emmi made arrangements to have sweet potato pie made, and delivered on Avery's birthday.  Avery loves sweet potatoes.  Emmi was so thoughtful to come up with the idea, enlist a friend of ours, and keep it a secret for months----which is amazing for Emmi.
The kids are super excited that we should have watermelons next week, and 100 baby chicks should begin to hatch.

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