Busy week on the farm; with DH off 5 days.
He cut hay in 3 pastures, 
raked the hay, 
and baled the hay.
Bought 3 tons ( two of these bags) of organic fertilizer,
spread the fertilizer.
We ate the first of the green beans from the garden. along with squash, zucchini, and kale.
Bought an ice machine from the Habitat store, because we never have enough, and our milk customers often need it.
Pearl thinks she's a goat (they often eat on their knees).
Jennifer got lots of loving.
And I broke my all time favorite (and most expensive) pair of glasses.  Two small chips out of the lense, but because of the style, I'm afraid it may end up cracking.  I'll have to check out my options on Monday.

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