Strange weather this week; this was fog one morning.  It's rained so much that, for the first day in a month, I missed walking.  But we need the rain, got 2 " on Thursday.
We found Floyd Sunday morning with a gash on his leg, literally spurting blood everywhere when he moved a certain way.  The vet could not stitch it, he said that due to the location, the stitches would rip out in a matter of hours.  He put cauterizing medicine on it and bandaged it tightly.  We love our vet, he came back Monday to change Floyds bandage, and castrated Floyd while he was here.
If you have to pay for a farm call, you might as well get your money's worth.
Our friend Steve brought the kids a box of artifacts from a Cooper River dive trip.  This is the same friend who gave the kids megalodon shark teeth.
I canned 2 batches of beans this week, and a batch of squash/zucchini.
I'm still discovering beautiful colors on these birds, they are growing and changing so fast!
The year we moved here, I transplanted these cana lilies.  I don't particularly like them, but moved them from the house to an area where the dirt was washing away, by an old shed.  The do look great now, I'm glad I didn't just throw them away.
Moe was sad this week, his purple ball got torn.  I'll have to order him another one soon.
Other than that, it's just been a "normal" night shift week, which means not much gets done around here.

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  1. I am having a fox or coyote snag a guinea or rooster a night (the hens are locked up) and Fiona (the guard collie!) is sleeping in the garage right through it. Whatever it is is taking them from the barn! What do you think I should get to guard them? They have eaten all but 3 white guineas and got my white rooster that lived in the goat stall with the goats! Not sure what to do!