Wes's  Black Copper Marans are looking great.  This one has rust, burgandy, and teal spots, but wouldn't stand still for me to get a good picture.   I get amazed everyday on this farm, observing God's wonderful creations.  
This set of birds should begin laying their "chocolate" colored eggs sometime this summer.  
This is definitely our latest "1st swim" ever!  We have never waited until June before, but there's been so much rain that the water has not warmed up as much as usual.
I got to use my new silicone butter molds today.  Emmi got them for me for Mother's Day.  I'm sure my customers will be thrilled to get real sticks now instead of globs of butter shaped by hand.
 We got a lot of baking done today.  
Avery makes a breakfast bar for 2 days a week, they have yogurt with granola 2 days a week, cereal once, kefir once, and something from the freezer once a week.  Except the freezer items haven't been re-stocked in a while.

So today, I made 24 chocolate zucchini muffins, 
16 servings of Blueberry-Lemon Streusel Coffee cake (waiting to be baked),
8 Banana Breakfast bars, 
and 24 Oatmeal Spice muffins with raisins.
The oatmeal gets soaked in buttermilk for an hour before baking; good stuff!
That should carry us through a few months!
We have a new dairy customer from Egypt.
God never ceases to amaze me with the people he has put us in contact with here on the farm!

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  1. That's awesome - how about a recipe or two...or where to find them.