It's that time of year---de-wormer.
It's the only form of medication our cows get.
We ran 20 cows through the squeeze shoot in just over 2 hours.
We ear tagged a few, and 5 got blood draws for pregnancy tests.
Look at this silly girl trying to drink water through the gate.
The next day, we weeded around all of the trees in the orchard.
Here's Emmi helping Waid to feel and count pears on a tree.

We are so excited about this year's garden.  We are very thankful that it is doing well, hopefully it will prove to be our best garden to date.
We've already eaten kale and squash from the garden.

DH also installed our security cameras this week. This one is mounted on the "potato house, see the little black box at the top of the corner post?

I'm not sure why he bought this brand, one of our friends really likes his Arlo.
I don't know which ones do what, but this one signals our phones when motion is detected, and sends us a video of what it sees.  DH can monitor it from work when he's on night shift.  If we are away from home, we can see if a milk customer is there, or someone else who shouldn't be.

Tonight at milking time, I was expecting a customer.  I got a message before they even made it down the driveway to where I was.  I like that no one can sneak up on me now when I'm milking cows or doing other farm chores!

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  1. How do you keep up with that garden? Where are the weeds? I'm not finding my deep mulch to actually keep out the weeds - they like it.
    Sigh - I'm tired.