Waid built a hay baler, he better get busy, hay season is in full swing.

DH got this handy cart for me.  It means I no longer have to carry the 60+ pound pail of milk to the next room.
He built the table in the pit so we can simply back the cart onto it.

DH also replaced the rickety wooden stairs with cement block ones.
After milking, I just roll the cart into the milk room, 
where there is a pulley to lift it to the drainboard for me.

DH made a clothesline for the dirty udder cleaning rags, no more smelly damp rags in a bucket.

Our system of vacuuming the flies off of the cows is working great.  DH built a box to go around the vacuum, and put it outside the door.  He wired it to turn on when we turn the milking machine on.
He ran a pipe and connected it to the vacuum hose inside the milking parlor.
Josie was afraid of the loud vacuum noise, now she does fine, and the vacuum is not in our way.
I grateful for a hubby who can do these "handyman" things,
 they make jobs so much easier!

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