DH is on "vacation" for a month.  Gasp-yes, let me explain that....He gets 5 weeks a year, he carried 2 over from last year, and gets 7 days off between each set of night shifts every six weeks.  So when he schedules any time off, obviously he does it around those 7 days off, to have a long stretch off at once.  Even before all that time off, the poor guy only works 162 days a year.
We are certainly blessed with his job!  The weather has not cooperated with us this week, notice guys wearing coats below---in MAY!!?!?
Remember when we transformed the lean-to on the left side of the barn to a chicken house?  (Where the small door is, with chickens in front of it.)

We never had time to tear down the old, very old, chicken coop, so DH started on that today.
This is the kind of "handiwork" that was holding the thing up.
Parts of the slab are crumbling away.
Look at the giant curve in the board over AJ's head, and to the left.
The cleanup will take a few days.  We also pressure washed the milk barn, and milking parlor this week.  We repaired the storm damage to the pool, and began treating the water.  Sold a cow, bought a hay baler, took a load to the scrap metal place, and a load to the dump.  I planted 10 camellias, near the pool, and a few other plants.  
I cooked a 13 lb ham.  Have you ever had a non-smoked, non-cured, not pink from a grocery store ham??  Ours was cooked overnight (15 hours), and tasted like pulled pork, but didn't pull apart as much.  I have 5 more of these in the freezer, all raised here on the farm.
My pressure washing the house, and lime washing the brick was delayed because of the weather, so I'm hoping to get that done, and the cedar put on the gable next week.

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  1. Come on up here for a week - I'm feeling like JD gets off 5 days a year. I'm sure it's not that bad but it's a rough run this summer including three weeks in July.