Before......blah.  I am thankful for, and love my home, but it wasn't too pretty.
Porch ceiling before....

porch ceiling after.....
After......I may be stuck with a brown roof, but when I get done, (hopefully replacing 8 windows and removing their brown storm windows next year) there won't be brown anywhere else.
Once I pulled down the vinyl ceiling, scraped, primed and painted, I then lime washed the brick .  The section on the left was added on, and the foundation is cement block.  The lime wash helped disguise that a bit; it wasn't even painted before--just naked block.
Here's DH taking down the aluminum,
 the wood underneath is a lovely 1970's gold.
The house was originally all white.

When I lime wash the other side of the house, I will probably do the steps.  We put lime wash on the steps at our last house, and it got a patina, but held up well.  Still thinking about whether to paint the floor white or blue.

I  plan on building rough cut cedar shutters.  I told DH that if he will build one and show me how, then I can do the rest.  We actually paid someone to build them at our last house, because DH was so busy with work.

We've got this cedar siding down, he stayed on the ladder and marked edge pieces, I cut them.  He's wondering why he didn't teach me how to use power tools 9 houses ago.
I am thrilled we figured out ways to get rid of so much brown!
The eaves do not bother me nearly as much as when there was brown so many other places; they may get painted eventually.  I originally wanted to replace the posts with 6x6 rough cut cedar.  But I decided to try painting them white first, then maybe switch them out down the road.....I've spent so much money already.

We added the support post above.  The 83 year old daughter of the man who built the house said that there never was one, but probably should have been--we had a bit of a sag to repair.
Here's our wonderful gable vent discovery, after I painted it.

New birdbath.
New landscaping and enlarged planting beds.
Since we have dogs that lay in planting beds, and chickens who scratch at shrub bases, I've learned to incorporate rocks into the landscaping. Next year we hope to put pea gravel and river rock around the pool area, I may do it here too.  I added about 20 new plants here.

Here's my view from the wicker chair.

I can't relax too long.  I need to pressure wash the rest of the house and garage, lime wash the foundation on the other side of the house, and re-stain the side porch.  
DH despises lattice, and will be replacing it at some point.  I've found some good ideas on pinterest to replace the lattice.  So, what do you think??


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I love what you have done with the house, so pretty! Good job

  2. House looks great! I just love how you have transformed this home. I also noticed that the columns on the porch corners look like"H's". The white makes them stand out.