Babies we weren't even expecting

One of Wes's daily jobs is to count cows.  Sounds ridiculous, until your a farmer and realize what an important little job it is.  Cows can escape, get sick (pneumonia can kill a cow in less than 24 hours), step in a hole and break a leg.....etc.
Wes discovered a new baby.  Charmaine was hiding her calf in the woods at the back of the property.  The calf was already dry when we discovered her.
DH tried to get a closer look, which ran Charmaine and the calf out of the woods.
Emmi named the bull calf Oregano---because Charmaine's theme is herbs and spices.  The Charolais on the left (white cow) is Charmaine's daughter Ginger.  She is also expecting, but we did not know dates for either.  
Rosemary was Charmaine's last calf.  We looked up her birth date, and discovered that Charmaine was bred 40 days after having her.  The average natural breeding (just having a bull in the same pasture) time is 45 days after calving, so we're on track.
The next day, Felicity had two boys. 
 Felicity has always been a good mom, but not this year.
We always hang around to make sure the babies drink.  They did, but on day 3, the brown one died.  The only sign of a problem was blood coming out of his nose.  We think Felicity kicked him, while he was trying to nurse.
We then wondered if Felicity was letting them eat, so we began to watch Joseph.  We held Felicity still and she still would not feed the Joseph.
We gave Joseph a bottle.  When Emmi took the next bottle to the little guy, she tried one more time to let Felicity feed him.  Joseph squealed and Toby came to have a look.

Surprisingly, after several attempts by us, when Toby was present, Felicity stood still and fed the kid.  I told you we had one smart donkey!  He would never admit it, but he loves the little guys.  Apparently he was showing his authority to Felicity, and telling her that she had better do her job!

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