WOOHOOO!!! The mudroom is finished!  Which also means that after 2 years, 6 months and 25 days, the interior of my house is finally finished!!!!!
Remember where the mudroom started?....  With mauve carpet, blue trim, and flowery paneling.  Then we had to rip out an entire wall and rebuild it to make the french door to the pool fit on the wall.
The ottoman is great to sit on to put on shoes. 
I specifically wanted a comfy chair in here to serve as a reading spot.  With 6 kids sharing 2 bedrooms, in a 2300 sf house (coming from a 3300 sf house) it's nice to have spots where people can be in separate spaces.
An old wooden box holds boots, and an old locker basket holds crocs.
Here is the ceiling I've made you wait for....oooooooh, ahhhhhhh.
It has a layer of plywood, painted white, so that you don't see any wood peeking through the cracks.  Then we cut plywood strips and painted them, for a ship lap look.  Then the barn wood "X" and border went up.
I initially wanted rectangles going from the middle outward; like a picture frame with a bigger one around it, and so on.  Because this room is rectangle, not square, it would have just hurt our brains too much to figure all of that out, so we chose to run the ship lap straight across.  I got the "x", which was the big thing for me.

Of course the barn wood is from our farm, cut over 80 years ago.  This piece has bark still on it.  The piece below has "cribbing" on it from a horse.  Cribbing is what it's called when a horse gnaws on the wood in his stall.  I love these authentic details!
All of the hooks are made from odd metal pieces found on the farm.
My shoes are in an old dynamite box, found in the barn hay loft.
A basket full of beach towels, ready for swim time!
I love the french door on one side and the full glass door on the other, feels like a sun room.  I can never have enough windows and sunlight!
My sweet friend Tasha secretly took pictures of some of our animals, and put them in this old window frame for me.  Notice the old rake on the left--one of my favorite hooks.
At the top edge of this piece, between the railroad spike and the --ummm--thingy--
is a knot hole; another great detail.  
I absolutely love how it turned out! 
 Now on to making the outside look this good!!

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  1. It's awesome - love it all!