One advantage of not having a project finished....
when the power is out overnight, the power cords to the generator can be run through the hole where the deadbolt lock has not been installed.
We had an F1 tornado Saturday evening, just about milking time.
The edges at the peak of the barn roof are curled up, and there is some damage where the metal panels join vertically.
Part of out hay barn wall is gone--hay barns are not exactly sturdy structures.
Our damage is very minor, not so for the chicken houses 2 properties down the road.  I'm thankful that it was chickens though, and not people.
This door frame was pulled off the milking parlor
 the two white sides should meet in the middle.

We had to milk by generator, I'm thankful that DH has set up the lights and machine so that we can do that by just flipping a switch.
As seen above, we did have to bring the other generator to the house and run cords inside.  I am thankful we have that option, as many do not.
                                 Water tank blown over, and gutter falling off.
Other than that, pool parts were blown away.
Flooding and limbs down.
Gutter downspouts littered the yard, (the horizontal brown piece to the right of the tree).
Thankfully, in almost 30 years, we have only had the minor damage shown above, and wind damage to a roof in Montgomery, that was from a hurricane.  I'm hoping we can just make these repairs ourselves and not file a claim with insurance.

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