Exciting times

A few times a year, we get deliveries by 18- wheeler.  The boys never fail to get excited, especially when the driver honks the horn.
I get excited when the privy hedge are blooming.  Most people hate privy hedge, but I love the smell of the blooms.  
We've got an abundance of it bordering 2 pastures.  The girls cut springs and put it in their room---heavenly.
DH is excited to get this old slab up.  A previous owner had a large bear cage on the slab in the 1970's, for his black bear.  We've had people tell us that they remembered seeing the bear as they went to and from a nearby school.
Exciting progress outside.  One side of the mudroom cedar is done.  We still need the white trim piece across the top----but Lowe's is close to 30 minutes away.  We will also be pouring a small concrete door stoop.  I want a hydrangea in that corner too =).
Exciting news from the orchard....we have pears!
And apple blossoms!

It's hard to tell in the picture, but there are 32 trees in the orchard.  We have apple, pear, and fig trees.  We are currently looking for cherry and plum trees to add.
Emmi's watermelon patch is also in the orchard.
It's very exciting to finally get some fruit this year!

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