After a stormy night and high winds, we woke up to this.
 The winds were up to 20 mph.  Our cover had a rip on the edge, apparently it ripped even more with all the wind, and wind got under the cover.
The wire that held the cover down was secured all the way around the pool, running under the top part of the pillars.  The cover must have acted like a huge kite, and ripped the tops off of the pillars.

Then I had to drive to B'ham in all that wind, my hands hurt from fighting the steering wheel!  I can't imagine how hard it must be to keep the big trucks on the road in high winds.
At Michael's, Emmi thought I needed this cup.  Although I do like the size, my Yeti suits me just fine.

The girls have started milking a few of the "not so well behaved" goats by machine.
They are really doing a great job! 
 They handle EVERYTHING goat related.  

And all good things must come to an end.  
 My Revere Ware is 29 years old, and a lid handle broke. 
 The lid will still be used =).  
This is the first thing to go wrong with any of it.  
I remember buying the set at Macy's with one of my first paychecks after graduating from college.  I hope my KitchenAid mixer lasts that long!

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