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Our goats are getting lots of love, as it has finally turned spring!
I washed and packed up all the heavy insulated winter farm wear today.
This little goatie has realized that Pearl is getting milk in that bottle, and he wants some too!
We sell raw milk (legally!), and enjoy getting to know our customers.
One is a diver, and brought the kids megalodon teeth from the Cooper River in SC.  He also traced one, to show the kids the size of his biggest one.  He gave the kids a whole science lesson on these creatures.
Another customer brought us pottery pieces from Israel.  His family takes trips to Israel to help with the grape harvests and pruning.  These pieces are from Shiloh (Joshua 18:1) where the temple was set up.  The men were to travel there three times a year (Exodus 23:17) and make sacrifices, which were brought in the pots.  The used pots, were then broken outside the temple, and the remains of them can still be found today.  I'm sure my explanation doesn't do it justice, I'm just writing what I recall him telling the kids.
We frequently get a kick out of the variety of people who travel to visit our farm!  Our little map-dot town has 1 caution light, doesn't even have a grocery store, and is 98% white (our Chinese kids being the other 2%--just kidding).
Our customers drive as much as 90 minutes, one way, weekly.  We are the only farm in north AL selling raw milk legally, that we know of.  We have customers that were born in France, Romania, Guiana, Pakistan, and American Indian descendants. Our Jersey's have produced milk for doctors, lawyers, an aerospace engineer, preachers, and and the list goes on.  
People of many skin colors come to our farm, and it just cracks me up, because you would never imagine seeing such a diverse group of people in a tiny farm community. Our kids have learned more about other cultures and religions from our customers, here- in our map-dot town, than they ever would have in the suburbs. We are truly blessed to have been put in contact with many wonderful people through our farm.

Here's where we are on the mudroom---out of cedar, ordering more tomorrow.
The inside is wired, insulated, and the plywood ceiling is up.  Tomorrow, we begin the pretty ceiling, which is going to take a while----so I am going to keep you in suspense =).

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