Lined up and waiting for the gate to be opened; 
they know what's about to happen.

The beef cows always live in the front or back pasture.
A few times a year, we move them.
I will never grow tired of watching their excitement!
Lilly (below with white spot on her head) 
and the two Charolais are the largest cows.  
That's 2,000 pounds of jumping for joy....can't help but laugh.
They are crossing the Jersey's pasture, 
and going through the hay barn pasture.
Reaching the back pasture, they will enjoy two creeks and 
the shade from the woods at the edge of the pasture.
They will stay there at least until after the first hay cutting.
The front pasture doesn't need to be trampled on for a while, 
as it's where we get most of our hay from.
I miss seeing them from the windows 
of the house when they are in the back.
I never dreamed I would be living this life, 
and loving my cows so much.
We are very blessed!

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