Cuteness and Cruella

Waid drew some very nice pictures this week.
Waid is legally blind, and mentally challenged. 
He uses a CCTV to magnify schoolwork and artwork.
More goat cuteness....
And more, although I told Wes he did not need to let the goat lick his mouth.
And about Cruella de Vil; I've had this grey streak for many years.
I didn't color my hair until I was 40, and I started coloring mainly because of this grey streak.
DH teased me about it resembling Cruella's hair (an exaggeration of course).
I haven't colored my hair for several years, after learning the dangers of the chemicals.  So here is my grey streak all grown out, and showing proudly.
I have no idea why I'm telling you this, I just particularly noticed it today.

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  1. Honestly, you hair color variation is very nice; I'm afraid mine would be solid grey. I am a Grandma now but I haven't braced looking like one yet.