Barn decorating

Earlier this week while DH and I worked on the den, Emmi and Avery did some decorating of their own.

They cut the backgrounds out of a paint chip booklet.  Here's what they tole me about each room:
"Welcome to the barn" Flossie says.
Curly relaxing in his room.

Moe, in his room, playing with his dog Chocco.

Pickles in her dressing room.
Fleecie is sewing in her room.
Felicity jumping on her bed (she knows it''s not allowed).

Fanciest barn I've ever seen!

Waid was pretty creative too, notice the chicken feathers serving as a flame.
Also this week, Emmi is separating the quadruplets from their mom at night, after she milks in the morning, she gives the milk to the "runt".
Two more babies born this week, that's 7 little hoppy jumpy cute baby goats running around here.


  1. So, after last year of having 4 baby boy goats, I'm at 1 girl and 3 boys this year. I have one pregnant momma left and am so hoping for one more girl!
    I love baby goats!

  2. Your kids are all so creative!