This week

We've had many games of checkers.  
Jake sent this to the kids.  AJ is very good.
Emmi wanted me to share this pic of our blue eyed unicorn  goat.
Thursday was chiropractor and free sushi---we love it!  I've actually tried to avoid our friend a few times, because I felt bad that he insists on giving us sushi every week.  This week his wife barely saw us, then my phone rang, and it was Chef Robert, saying come back to his end of the store and get free sushi.
It was cream of mushroom soup making time.  
This is soooo easy, and so much better and healthy than store-bought.
A triple batch yielded lunch and 13 pints for the freezer.  We are not big soup eaters, but use it in casseroles.
Did you know a pyrex 9x13 can explode for no apparent reason?  
Neither did I.  Perhaps it was the fact that the dish was 30 years old.
I took it out of the oven and set it on the stove top, which was completely cool, and it exploded,
making a big mess and ruining a pound of bacon.
After a long drought, we were finally able to do away with our burn pile.
It has been collecting since July, before "no burn orders" were issued.
It's really much bigger than it looks, because it's in a 4 foot deep ditch.
I'm so glad for this to be gone!!

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  1. You are probably the only person I know that I wonder, "how does she get that done?" and then I think how often I am away from home....if only I could stay home more.