Charlie says good morning!

He says it all day long.

Remember William?

He had a bit of a  traumatic birth in Feb 2015.

He was the first calf born to us on the farm.
This is William's mode of transportation.

He's going to camp-----freezer camp as many farmers call it.
He has been a sweet and wonderful pet, but now he is going to fulfill his God given purpose.....
to feed us!

Everyone said "don't name him, you'll get attached".  We named him, loved on him, and gave him the same wonderful life as the rest of the animals.  It has not been a hard thing, as everyone has known his purpose from the beginning.  After 2 years and 5 months of farming, this dream has come to fruition---home grown steak in the freezer!!!!  
Totally non-gmo, no antibiotics, no soy, no chemicals sprayed on his pasture- just real meat!

The checker competitions continue.
And Avery continues to draw masterpieces.

This is Aspen, the dog, all dressed up.

Praying you all have a happy week!

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