Ya'll know I blog mostly to have a "scrapbook" for my kids.  I rarely post anything political, or controversial.
But occasionally..........

read this short article titled "Why I don't give my three year old daughter Christmas gifts".

In our society where it seems so many kids (and adults) are so spoiled, this article is quite refreshing.  It's not even from a Christian perspective.  This woman uses the "d" word in paragraph 2, and drinks wine----I don't condone either, but I think she's got this right!

And guess what; we don't "do" Christmas anymore.

Over the years, Christmas has changed for our family.  We did 'Santa' with our 1st two kids.  We've done "The Jesse Tree" to bring more spiritual emphasis to the holiday, and gradually, we have whittled it down to no celebration.
We do not judge others, our kids understand that.  When told "Merry Christmas" by a cashier, etc., they say "We don't celebrate Christmas the same way you do, but I hope you have fun!"
Our reasons are from a Christian standpoint.  As briefly as possible I will say that we believe:
1)  Playing Santa is lying to your kids.  When they find out it's a lie, are they going to believe what the parent       has told them about Jesus?
2)  No where in the Bible are we told to celebrate Christ's birth in this way.  We celebrate Him everyday.
3)  So many of the traditions can be traced back to cults and pagan worship.  We have done a Bible study          with our kids, concerning #2 and 3.
4)  Americans "over-do" Christmas more than any other country, and it's worse every year.  It teaches greed      and placing high value on possessions, while the Bible teaches contentment, (Phil 4:11, 1 Titus 6:8,                Heb 13:5 to mention a few).  We have so many "things" that we do not truly appreciate them.
     Parents waste money to buy things that kids don't even want, just so they spend the same amount on            each kid, even though what 1 kid wants might only cost 1/2 of what the other kid wants.  Co-workers,          neighbors etc., waste their money on gifts because the feel obligated, not because they really want to give.

In our group of friends, everyone celebrates differently, or not at all.  That support/non-judgement, of course, has made it easier to 'quit Christmas'.  Still, some people think we are crazy.....what do you do?.......
your loving, kind comments and sharing your traditions are welcome---but this is not a place for debate.

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  1. Makes sense - we don't do Christmas with any family other than our direct kids. I pride myself in practicality; it's when I buy them new clothes, books, CDs, sheets, blankets, you name it. There are very few toys at Christmas at our house; maybe legos or Playmobiles. We have had fun with decorating cookies, etc, but you can do that anytime obviously. God bless you guys!