Nov 1. Long cow working day

Josie and Emmi kicked off the festivities this morning at 6:30.
Emmi likes to make the cows Morning Glory crowns and 
see how long they last before they eat them.

It's quite humorous when the gate is opened, and 
thousand pound cows run across the pasture.  
Cracks me up every time.
All mature female beef cows needed blood drawn for pregnancy tests.
Calves needed worming, and some ear tags, and the bull needed wormer.
Here's Tulip, who just got an ear tag.
This is Lucy, who was too fat to get thru the squeeze chute.
We had to draw her blood where she stood, and 
then open the whole side of the chute to let her out....
we didn't even know the side opened until today.
This little guy, Willie, behaved just like his namesake, Willie Olsen.
After running 14 other cows through, we still could not get him into the catch pen.  
We finally chased him into the hay barn, and DH pulled the trailer down to load him up.
After the shortest ride ever, across the pasture and to the catch pen, 
he made us work even harder at the squeeze chute.  
He kept trying to turn around, back up, a refused to put his head through the head catch for the longest time.
When he got his tag and wormer, we were finally through, at 1:45.
The first groups of cows go so smoothly, 
then there's always a few that make the process drag on for hours.
I'm thankful we had wonderful weather.  It is odd, though, to have an 85 degree temps, and a refreshed suntan on Nov.1!!

Aren't these strange sights for Nov. 1??
This plant is covered in tomatoes, and we are still picking watermelons!!
Lastly, some cute pictures of Helen Keller.
There were about 30 minutes that Emmi and I had to babysit her.
The Angus bull was passing through her pasture, 
and we wanted to be certain that she did not get bred.
It was fun to take a break with Helen, and nice to sit down for a while.

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