A love-hate relationship

In order to get REAL, amazing, out of this world bacon, we must raise pigs.
Lately they have been escape artists. 
 It's been very frustrating, and of course, they never escape at a convenient time. 
On this day, it was while DH was at work.

See the gate on the far left, that's to the orchard, where the pigs were running free.
We had to get them through that gate, and the one shown between the cows and the pigs.  
Four crazy pigs, compounded by 11 beef cows who were wanting the food bucket that we were shaking to get those pigs to follow us.  Then, across the dairy cow's pasture, and into the pig pen.
They had not been escaping from the actual pig pen, but when they were out in the pasture.  
Later the same day, they broke out of the back of their "house" in the pig pen.  So when DH is not home, my repairs look like this:
Zip ties, and pieces of electrical wire to be used as twisty-ties are my friends. 
 I'm pretty handy with T-post pounder-in-the-ground-thingy too. 
 At least my cheesecake survived the drama of the day.
DH has now bought a stronger electric fence zapper thing, and all is well in pig world.
Counting down the days to bacon, unfortunately, it's about 100 days.
Waid had a birthday last week, but I did not get a single good picture.
He has another eye surgery next week.
Lastly, we picked the last of the watermelons---on November 11th--crazy weather!!!!

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