The good, the bad, and the ugly

First the good; we get free sushi almost every week from a Chinese man who loves our kids, and leases a spot in the local Publix.  Actually nothing is local here, but in the next decent sized city.

We made a fantastic discovery at Librivox.org, recorded and downloadable classic books! 
They are public domain (published before 1923), which means it is free, and also that they are good wholesome books (I've only looked at the children's section).  

The kids LOVE the Thornton W Burgess animal stories!!
They have listened to the recorded books while pulling weeds, doing embroidery, and shelling peas.
Emmi has found the Thornton Burgess books on Amazon Kindle also.  She blows the font up really large, and gives Waid "reading lessons".

The bad:  Flies have been terrible on the cows this year, no sprays seem to help a whole lot.  The cows kick at them during milking.

 The milker has been kicked off many times, but yesterday it was broken, when Helen stepped on it.  We had to finish milking by hand!  Thankfully we were able to get the replacement part over-nighted to us, for a mere $49 shipping, ugh!  In the two milkings before the part arrived, we had to use duct tape to seal off the broken part, and were only able to milk out 2 teats at a time.  

DO you remember my vacuum cleaner breaking exactly 13 months ago?  Actually three broke in one week!
This week the "new" vacuum broke.  Although it only lasted a year, we liked it so much I bought another, newer version.

This one has a 5 year warranty though!

Do things seem to happen in "3's" at your house?  Do things seem to break when you're short on cash?---or is it just us????
The microwave died, too.  It is only about 18 months old.  No more 60 second cappuccino's for me, because I refuse to buy another microwave.  We only used it for cappuccino, heating frozen pancakes, and heating the very rare leftover.  All of which I can do on the stove or in the oven with very little effort.

The ugly:   pigs.  
We all love the bacon, but nobody really likes the pigs.

 We spent a morning picking up acorns in the back pasture for our homely friends.
The pigs love the acorns, and they are great for them, 
so we add a scoopful  to their food for as long as they last.


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