Hay time again

Just two cuttings this year.  We got 50 bales.  
Pretty good for the drought we're in.

The back pasture slopes down to a creeks on both sides, and into the woods.  I'm standing near the woods for this picture.  Notice the slope?  It doesn't look like much......

But it's enough to have a runaway bale or two every year.
Then DH has to go on a rescue mission for the bales that rolled.
Emmi found this one, that rolled all the way down into the creek.
In other news, Avery did such a great job stitching these birds, 
that I felt bad that she had done them on "scrap" fabric.
Emmi graduated from scrap fabric to a dishtowel.
She is excited about ordering dishtowels and pillowcases in bulk =)
The weather is beautiful, low 80's in the afternoon, cool mornings and very breezy.  
Windows and doors have been opened most days of the last week.
Jenna and Avery are glad I'm not making them stay outside ALL the time.

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