Oink! and more

Meet Pete the pig.
He sure is cute right now, only about 8 weeks old.

His is our boar, who will grow up and mate with Pippa pig, and make lots of bacon babies.
Avery is so very creative, she made this ukulele for a beanie baby.
Those are real strings!
She obviously  has more time and patience than I do.
And she drew this cute pic on her math sheet, about her goat crying it's eyes out because it has to get disbudded.

Doesn't this goat look look like a midieval warrior?!
There was a hole in the hay bag, and she got her head stuck in it, but she is fine.
Emmi harvested her mini-sunflowers today.
The pigs got all of the stems.
She and Avery pulled off all of the seeds.
Yummy goat treats!

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