Growing, Watermelon and discoveries

We tried on fall clothes this week......looks like all of Waid's clothes are too short.
Here's the breakdown from the chiropractor's office recently:
AJ          5'0"        68 lbs      13 years 
Emmi      5'0"        90 lbs      12 years 6months
Wes        4'4"        62 lbs      12 years
Jenna      4'11"      78 lbs       11 years 9 months
Avery      4'8"        65 lbs      11 years
Waid       4'7"        59 lbs      10 years 8 months
Poor Wes, everyone has officially passed him in height.  This is the first year he will be getting hand-me-downs from his little brother.  Wes is 12, and wearing a size 6-7 pants.  He may be legally classified as a "little person", but since the endocrinologists have no answers for us, we will have to wait and see.

These are our first ever homegrown watermelons. 
 Emmi did a fantastic job watering and weeding her little garden!

Jenna, Avery, and AJ said it was the best ever!

Emmi found a spiked collar in our tack room (Kristen's I think), and decided that Obadiah needed to wear it.   Maybe having spikes will make up for not having a horn.
The hurricane brought wonderful breezes to us this past week.
And for the discovery.......
This is a very old automatic waterer on the back of the barn.  
I had seen it, but thought it was rusted together.  
DH had seen it, but didn't know what it was.
The iron pipe goes up the wall, we bought a $2 fitting, and draped the hose across the fence, and VOILA!!, a fully functional automatic waterer.   We, of course, are feeling really dumb for not getting this up and running the first two years we lived here!

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