First ever selfie and misc goings on

My kids said that my readers deserved to know what I look like--scary as it may be.
The only time I remember posting a pic of myself was when I was in China with Waid, in 2010.
I quickly figured out that the only hard thing about a selfie, is looking at the right spot, 
so now you all know what I look like.

We found a deal at a thrift store in Birmingham last week--$20!  All those stitches, but no digital stuff to break!  The base, and most of the machine is metal--imagine that--I think it is a school model.
I hope to teach some girls to sew this winter, now I don't have to worry about them tearing up my Babylock machine.
Jenna bought a Ukulele.  She picked up the chords right away, and is having a great time with it.
Chicks arrived last week.  I was at the Chiropractor before pick-up, and mentioned it to a worker there.  She couldn't believe chicks actually came through the mail, and thought I was pulling her leg.
I'm world famous, as you know HA HA!  I got invited to a naval ship commissioning!, unfortunately we could not go.....but I still felt really important.
This is about the only brand of chips we buy, they are non-GMO.  The kids have wanted to try this flavor for some time, I just thought it would be weird.  Strange flavored chips are a big deal in China, like cucumber, tomato chicken, lemon tea, and fish soup, to name a few.  Anyway, I'm here to tell you that these are good, they just taste like Bar-B-Q.  I know you all come to my blog to expand your minds, so I've done my job with this little tid-bit today he he=).
While DH worked on the new chicken house over Labor Day week end, I shopped online at Old Navy  and The Children's Place.  I just had to share the TCP deals I got.  Ten pairs of leggings, ten long sleeve T's, 
and for boys, six pants and 2 shirts......for just under $190, averaging $5 each piece!!!!
I've got to remember to check out Labor Day sales next year!

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  1. Good job on the selfie; I have some teenage daughters that spend way too much time on that skill. It's really becoming an issue in our society, among a few other things! I am so annoyed at Old Navy because I bought things and had a $40 off $100 cash deal. I went in the store and they didn't have the jeans I wanted for Alyssa or Tori. I came home, spent over an hour filling my cart and at checkout, it announced that jeans weren't in the deal. Why? I walked away from the order and went to bed. My kids need clothes but I'm determined to see what I have first; all I have bought is all of them new Crocs and new Toms for the girls. I love online shopping though. Oh, sad you weren't able to make the commissioning; I bought an airline ticket for Boston and Gabriel is going to drive the older ones of mine to Baltimore for that one; I'm already gone two weekends in a row - can't do Baltimore making it three! (well, that was long...and a bit of a run-on.)