Not lazy days of summer

Who coined the phrase "lazy days of summer"? 
 Surely they did not live on a farm.
Peaches was caught being lazy, I spotted him through the window between rooms, 
while I was pouring up cream.
Aside from the garden, and daily farm chores......
We've been busy picking pears.
This old tree has about called it quit, the trunk is split and rotting, 
but still, half of the tree produced pears for us.
We have planted over 10 pear trees in our orchard, 
hopefully they will bear fruit before this old tree dies.

Emmi and Avery helped when it came time to use the food mill.
A friend commented about the dairy products always sitting around the kitchen, 
we are very busy with dairy right now.  I'm making at least 2 cups of sour cream each week.
A gallon of yogurt every other week, and a pound of mozzarella every week.
A half gallon of milk on top of the fridge has become a regular site, it makes one pound of cream cheese.
Since it takes 4 days, a jar is up there almost every day.  I am freezing some of the cream cheese, for when milk supply is down.
Right now we get 12 gallons of milk a day!
 I am making about 12 pounds of butter a week, also, since it can be frozen.
The dogs and cats get a gallon a day, the chickens get some, and the pigs get at least four gallons a day.
We're so blessed to have cows producing healthy milk for us and other animals!

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