Whipping up some good stuff

I had a realization the other day.  Everything in the fridge is fresh, real food!  Lots of produce, lots of dairy made right here!  The exception is hard cheese.  Because we do not have a cheese press (yet), I do buy cheddar and sandwich sliced cheese.

Hard to imagine that I once a fridge full of little store bought tubs, and a pantry full of boxes.  Had I seen my current pantry contents 10 years ago, I would have been in a panic to go buy groceries.  It looks like there is no food in the house, because things are cooked fresh daily.....I'm so excited to finally be at this place.

This morning, after milking, I made 1.5 lb of butter, 1 lb of mozzarella, and this yummy cream of mushroom soup.  It's for the freezer, of course, who wants to eat soup when it's almost 100 degrees?!
Yesterday, I cooked 2 whole chickens in the roaster pan, one for a casserole we ate last night, and the other to make chicken salad with.  For years, I have put the bones and fat back in the roaster pan, along with some celery and misc. things, to make bone broth overnight.
This time I put a pound of mushrooms in with it.  From that, I made the gallon + cream of mushroom soup this morning.

The bit of the whey from the mozzarella was used to start some lacto-fermented watermelon soda!
We tried kombucha for a while, and didn't really like it.  We've done a blueberry lacto-fermented drink, and are looking for others to try.
Avery is learning to make granola bars, with the goal of making them once a week for the following morning's breakfast, so I helped her a bit with that.
Then I made a huge salad for tonight's supper.
Next was the chicken salad made with the 6 cups of chicken that was cooked yesterday.
I love days like this, when I can get so much done !  This was all before lunch, and includes most of tonight's supper, and part of tomorrows supper!

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