Oh baby

Baby Floyd was born last Friday.  He picked the heat of the day to make his appearance, and in a shady area with no grass, which became a muddy  mess.
After an hour, he still had not completely stood up, even though he tried many times.  I called our vet, to ask how long we should let him try, before we intervened.  The vet said that with the current temperatures, we needed to help him, and also help him eat if he didn't do so soon.

And so we did.  
Here's Avery helping, we were trying to have clean milk, even out in the pasture.
I bet more experienced farmer's don't often have calves in July and August, but here we are, with three more due in the coming weeks....so we do the best we can.  We had been checking on Josie (and the others) almost every hour.

We took Josie many buckets of water after she calved, so she would not have heatstroke.  The cows usually won't leave the calf for many hours, which can be a problem if they are far away from the water trough.

Josie made it in for her first milking that evening, with Floyd mooooo-ing just outside the door.
Floyd got a bottle and everyone was happy.  

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