Chep cheep cheep

We found a hen hiding 23 eggs last week (in a place that kids had been told to check the week before.)
Emmi was assigned the job of marking the eggs, so we would know if any more were added to the pile.
If so, we would take those, but leave the existing eggs to hatch.
About 12 hatched today, and there are about 10 more, hopefully they will hatch soon.
Last week I cleaned off the giant marker board that is in the milk room.  I began, again, trying to keep up with how much of each type of feed we use in a month.  Also, with 21 cows now, I needed a chart to show how many cows are in each pasture, so we don't loose anyone.  (If you've ever searched for a cow in the woods of the back forty, you understand that daily counts are important.)
I drew a line and told the kids they could draw under that line.  The cat on the left, with his surf board, is Mr. Fuzzy Pants.  The goat with the fan is Felicity.
I forgot who they told me the others were, but they are animals on our farm.
These are the type pictures I get on schoolwork everyday, with captions, usually relating to the Teaching Textbooks math lessons.  They make me smile everyday.
In other randomness, we have a lovely trumpet vine growing between one of the pastures and the orchard.
I read that they can be invasive, but there's really nothing here to invade, 
so we will leave it alone and enjoy it.

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  1. I want one of those invasive flowering plants on my chicken mansion.