Jam, jelly, and juice

The new book I ordered arrived on Thursday, following a visit to the farmer's market; perfect for canning on Friday.
I had already marked some recipes on Pinterest, but this book gave me the worlds best Peach jam!
And look at the pretty red jelly.
So let me give you the rundown:
5   quarts of peach juice--FREE, after making other peach products.
      (A splash of this in tea is wonderful!)
15 half pints of peach jam--$1.51 each
7   half pints peach jelly,  made from from free peels, pectin, and honey--$0.18 each
6   half pints honey-blackberry jam, made with blackberries from the farm,  granny smith apples for                    pectin, and honey-- $0.50 each

Lastly, 5 quarts of peaches---very disappointing, at $2.50 a jar.  I will not be canning peaches again.  It was very messy and time consuming.  I used the hot pack method, in order to fit more in the jars, and look how much they shrank!  Next time I will just focus on the other peach products.

And also on Friday (because she knew I was so busy), Charmaine had our first calf of the year!
We should be having several more soon.
Her name is Rosemary.

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  1. Cute baby. So something I couldn't figure out here is that our cow always had these small triangular flies swarming her. I mad fly traps that caught the regular flies but the little ones wouldn't go in. I have looked at other cows everywhere I've been and don't see them anywhere else. Do you have them? I tried everything and they wouldn't stop.