Happy, pigs, and baking success

Butterball has passed Happy in size.  Happy is on the left, he is almost 8 years old.
Butterball is on the right, he is 8 months old.
They are getting hard to tell apart from any distance.
We got 4 Berkshire pigs!  
A year old girl, we named Pippa.
She is to keep for breeding.
A year old boy, for the freezer, and a 4 month old girl and boy for the freezer.
They don't have names yet, but kids want the girl to be named Olivia.
We never really named our other pigs, just called them bacon, pork chop, etc. when talking about them.

Between these, and the future piglets, we hope to stagger butchering dates so that we have a constant supply of BACON!!  Yeh, all that other pork too, but mostly bacon =)
A note on our low carb journey, I turned a regular muffin recipe into a healthier one!  I took a basic muffin recipe, with several variation options, and tried out the date nut version.  I mixed equal parts almond flour, coconut flour, and flax, and substituted it for the white flour.  I did not add the sugar it called for, since dates are so sweet.  
I'm not normally one to experiment with recipes, so I was pleasantly surprised that the recipe wasn't a flop.

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  1. We almost brought home a pair of breeding pigs that came from George Washington's birthplace which is just down the road from us, but I reminded JD that garage, garage, then we can move on in life!