Our cute baby is growing!
This one is too!
She got her braces off!
Emmi is the the first to be completely done with braces.  Well, actually Kristen was, but that was over 10 years ago.  Avery had them on, then off, now on again (6 year program!) due to cleft palate issues.
Apples are growing too.
And I just had to show you this fence "fix".  When DH is at work, the pigs are escaping due to a broken fence, mom has an ear infection that just sent her to the doc with 6 kids in tow, mom's rx isn't working yet, and SOMEBODY has to fix the fence, at least temporarily, here's what it looks like=).
Thanks Emmi!

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  1. Like the fence - JD is in CA and my garden fence didn't get finished and the guineas are taking bites of my tomatoes. It's making me grouchy.