A beautiful sight

Freshly mown (?) hay, that is.
Even better, is knowing we have enough hay to feed our animals through next winter.
I think DH said we got 28 rolls from this cutting.

Last year we were blessed with 3 cuttings, but I'd guess 2 will be the norm.
We still have 40 rolls left in the hay barn from last year!, some belong to the neighbor.  Last year we only sold 25 rolls, I guess it's safe to say that we can sell more this year.
DH and our neighbor work together to get the job done on both farms.
The 28 rolls are better than we thought we'd have, there were 2 pastures that were cut last year, that we did not cut this year.
While the men were doing that, the kids and I worked some more around the pool.
On the back side, there are a couple of peach trees and grape vines.  We realized that the lawn mower would not fit between them and the new mulched area.  So DH asked if we could add more mulch to include those plants in the mulched area.
Feed sacks can be a farmers friend, used here as free weed barrier.
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and getting lots of projects done too!

BTW, we didn't make it to June without A/C.  When the temp hit 90 on Memorial day, and the temp inside was 84, we turned the A/C on.

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  1. That is funny because I turned my AC on and thought that I hoped you didn't stick to that plan!

    That's part of my cow issue - she is eating $6 a day in hay and we grow zero!