This week on the farm

Aside from trying to figure out this crazy weather, we had fun watching animals this week.
It was 48 degrees at milking time on Sunday morning!
There were a few days at the end of April, that I didn't think we would be able to make it to May without turning on the air conditioning.
The a few days last week it was well into the 80's, but rain cooled things off, so we still did not turn on the a/c.  Now I will probably challenge myself to make it to June with no a/c----which just blows my mind.  The mountain breezes make a huge difference.
Jennifer is 7 months old, and I suppose she was jealous of the baby goats standing on Toby, so she had to try it out for herself.

Garnett and Elvin moved in with the big cows this week.  Elvin can barely reach into the water trough, we put a smaller plastic one in the pasture just for him.
Josie met Herbert the bunny.  She seems to enjoy the cat being around so much, Emmi wanted her to meet the bunny too.  It's amazing to watch a big 1200 lb animal love on a tiny one that only weighs a few pounds.

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