Naughty cow

Remember, recently, we took down an old ugly fence with huge posts, and ran cattle panel into each side of the lake to open things up a bit??
The jersey's on the other side of that cattle panel, finally figured it out.
Let me say, that last summer, when Josie lived in another pasture, with a pond, we NEVER saw her in it.
The beef cows were in it every day, but not Josie....so it never occurred to us that this might happen.
I guess the grass looked greener in the little animal pasture.  She talked Coralee into following her.
But when it was time for me to somehow get them back where they belonged, Coralee was chicken.
She then proceeded to lead us on a wild goose chase to get her back into the proper pasture.

 Once the cows discovered the "greener pasture", you can guess what's been happening......everyday.
At least now, they are wading back over to their side just before milking time.
So we are letting them do their own thing,  And we are doing ours, like making cream cheese......

And making clover jewelry.
Life is good.

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