Hard day for Avery, then no power

Avery got her cast off on Friday--YAY!!!
So why isn't she smiling?? I had found a video on you-tube showing a child getting a cast off, and we watched it and explained everything in advance.  Avery has PTSS from a very traumatic 2 years in an orphanage.  With anxiety, comes total meltdowns for her.  Nothing helps, she just has to work through it.
The saw that cuts the cast is not +supposed+ to cut skin, but here's proof that it does.
Then we were informed that she would need to wear a boot brace for 3 weeks......WHY couldn't they have told us that this was at least a possibility at our last visit?  The could have also warned moma that they cost $200, and insurance usually does not pay.
With all the drama, I am thankful that Avery did not have to have a pin in her leg.  The doctor commented again on what a bad break it was, and I commented that I was never even shown an x-ray...so he showed me.  I was more of a shatter type break, than what we normally think of.   The break sort of splintered up through the bones.  SO after 30 minutes of screaming, and a headache, I was still thankful.

Then we had a storm on Friday night, look how many  knock out roses bloomed in the calm after the storm=).  The hard part was that we were without power for over 14 hours.  I'm thankful DH was home!  We have only been without power overnight at this house one time, last January, before we were milking cows.  DH had to find extension cords, and get the milk machine and barn fridge hooked up.  We milked that night, and Sat morning, by generator.  He has now ordered electrical parts to hook the generator up directly to the breaker box when the generator is needed.  Then of course, we had to do baths in the dark, which makes normally self-sufficient kids turn into not so sufficient kids.  Meanwhile DH hooked up the 2nd generator to the house fridge, and our CPAP machines.  I miss the 'whole house' generator that we had at the previous house!!!
DH ran some errands on Saturday, one of which was dropping off some things at a thrift store.  Here's what he brought home!  Over 150 canning jars, for about 1/2 the retail price, most looked brand new.  YAY DH!!
Then he picked up a pallet of cow feed.  It's our 1st time to buy a whole pallet.  The bags are stacked 3 wide on the shelf , plus the stack in the floor.  We think it will last 2 months.  Since we have the storage space, we thought we'd try this, instead of going to the feed store every other week.  I hid had butter to make in the house (by generator) while DH unloaded the 2,000 pounds of feed all by himself.
Ranch recipe for Julie coming later this week. =)

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  1. I made the animal feed run this morning early. I did 6 bags of cow/goat, 3 bags of meat chicken, 3 bags of layer chicken and 1 horse and it's expensive and heavy. A truck (that runs, because we have one that doesn't!) would be helpful. The jars are so awesome! It was a thrift store and how much did they charge? Our Goodwill charges $1 a jar which is a joke since they are 12 jars for $8 at the Commissary.