Funny, cute, and ranch dressing

Here's your funny.....
Josie licking and playing with Peaches.
Peaches comes in at milking time, to eat the food off of the floor that Josie drops.
This was after I had already opened the head catch and was waiting to walk out.
More funny.......
Billy Gus standing on Toby's back.
Not really cute, but there are 4 eggs in the garden.
The eggs belong to this Killdeer bird---see her zebra striped neck in the center of the picture.
When she spreads her tail feathers, there's an orange spot.
These are cute!

We decided to let some hens hatch their own eggs this year.

And just for Julie (who has been reading my blog for at least 6 years!) here's the link to the ranch dressing mix that I use.  The only thing I do differently is use our homemade sour cream when making the dressing.
Thanks for reading, and commenting, Julie=)

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