A rescue mission

Here's what we spent an hour on one day last week.
That morning we discovered that Ella was stuck in a tree.

DH said "she got up there, she can get down."

But later in the day, I guess he started feeling sorry for her.

Her faithful friend Fuzzy sat at the bottom of the tree most of the day.

We hoped we could nudge her, so that she would jump to Wes in the tractor bucket.

We tried to maneuver a leash around her, to tug on her some.  DH got it on her, but she ended up jumping in the end.

This is only the 2nd time in a year and a half that Ella has done this.  Her previous family was Jenna's piano teacher in Trussville, she did it quite frequently there, that's why she came to live at out house.

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