Jake was home!

I'm spoiled with the beautiful views here.  The cows belong to a neighbor, but the lake is ours=).
Emmi has 10 goats now!  Six are babies, three of those are boys and will be sold.
Oh, yeh, The title of this post is about Jake, isn't it?
He has lost a total of 93 pounds!  I think he is where he is meant to be now.
He is 2 inches larger in the waist than when he went to college.
He was only 16 then, and still growing.

He loves Butterball.

He does NOT like goats.

DH is in denial, and refuses to believe that Jake is taller than he is.
Jake has been taller than DH for several years....poor DH, still in denial.
The cabinet shop at PCC is raising Jake's desk this week, so he will no longer bang his knees on it.
He is enjoying his new job as Director of Student Workers at PCC.
The men helped me get the rest of the cabinet down, and my open shelves should be in by Friday!

They worked all day Saturday on this.....
                                                                 um, what?

Until Saturday, there was a mobile home spot on the main road side of our property.  One of the previous owners rented it out.  DH had the power removed while back.  The men pulled up big telephone sized fence posts that were around the trailer spot, and cleaned up the old barbed wire.  Then they put up new fencing to connect the fence along the roadside.  Now it looks great, and you'd never know it had been a trailer spot.

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