Kitchen ceiling

After milking time, we sent the kids outside with instruction not to bother us unless it was an emergency.
About 10 minutes later, this is what I saw....morning exercises, just like in China;)
We attempted to contain the dust, but the drafts from doors opening and closing pulled the plastic down as the day went on.  The old sheets on the floor were the biggest help at clean up time.

Some came off in large pieces, other places it was handful by handful.

After the sheet rock, square tiles were removed, then a wallpaper type covering.
DH made his escape after the tile, getting away with peanut butter, jelly, and a loaf of bread for the kids.
The paper was messy, with 80 year old dried glue holding it up.
 With every piece, it sounded like a spoonful of sand fell down.

After that I tackled the pantry wall.

Remember the two lovely wallpapers that we found when we worked on the opposite wall? It was here too, behind the sheet rock and paneling.

And the fake tile stuff, just lovely, leaving tar paper type remnants on the wall.

This wall was actually pretty time consuming.  I had to work around 2 switches, a thermostat, and air return.  The sheet rock only came off in small chunks.

DH agreed to help me with the ceiling sheet rock and tiles, but then I was on my own.
The only way I got him to agree to this project at this time, was because I'll be doing most of it myself....ever so slowly.

I have lots of nails and staples to pull out, getting stuck on paper off, priming and painting.
 I have already painted a sample cabinet, to test durability.  I hope to put glass in some cabinets, and a few other special details.
Then "all" DH will have to do is wire, changing one light into 4 schoolhouse lights.  He will also help make the open shelves and do some trim work.
When I get the wood clean, I think I will prime the wall first.  I may look at white primed walls a few days before I decide whether to paint the ceiling.  The brown may be too dark, although we will be putting in 4 lights.....I'll just have to wait and see.

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