Kitchen reorganized

After 10 homes, I pretty much know how to arrange kitchen cabinets.......I thought.
Have you ever done something because that's the way it has always been done, only to realize it doesn't work?  Last year when we moved in I put my spices near the stove, like I had always done.  It recently hit me why this wasn't working.  In most of my previous kitchens there was a large amount of counter work space near the stove, but not now.  So I was going back and forth between the spices and the work counter---which didn't make sense.

SO I moved them, which also entailed emptying some in to different containers so they would fit in the new space.  Why do cinnamon and cocoa make such a mess?

And because I hope to get a few glass front cabinets as we work on the kitchen, I had been thinking of moving some other things around too.

These up-to-the-ceiling cabinets aren't very useful to everyday storage, so I moved all the condiments.  They were taking up space in the pantry.

It's rough getting old.  I often have children get things off of the bottom shelves for me.  So I tried to be more careful about what I put on the bottom.  I can easily reach the rice, beans, grits, and granola, and I can get the oatmeal on the bottom shelf since it's a big container, right at the edge.  Then I put some mason jars on the bottom, I use these weekly when I make yogurt and butter, the bulk of my jars are in a storage room off of the den.

We've lived in various stages of disorganization for the last year as we've worked on the house.  I am so thankful to be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, and hope to have a more organized life in 2016!

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