Closet --done

Two weeks ago our top closet shelf fell---again.  Of course it happened at night and gave us a heart attack.
The "arms" that held the shelf up bent right over, just like they were taking a bow, dumping everything in the floor.  So--what better time to clean out the closet?  Purged really.

After a couple of weeks of having clothes hanging on nails, door knobs, and piled up on the chaise lounge, the closet is finally done.  REALLY done, like forever done!!!!
Did I mention I purged?  I purged in Trussville when we put the house for sale, and again when it sold and we were packing, and again when we got this closet build and shelves put up.  I am now down to the least amount of clothing that I have had in my adult life---and couldn't be happier!  "Everyday" clothes are all in the efla drawers, socks, undies, pj's too. SO only my nicer clothes are hanging--mine are on the right....just so you know there IS a woman in the world who has fewer clothes than her husband=)
We had a much larger walk in closet at the last house.  This one is barely 5' wide.  Just goes to show, when you have lots of space, it usually gets filled up with alot of stuff you don't need.
DH has not purged his side yet, but he will.  

SOOOOO glad to have this done!!

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