Everybody loves fuzzy little Moe.
He goes into his stall to eat supper, so that no other animals try to get his food.
When he has finished eating, he plays peek-a-boo.
Then he hops out and gets his nightly brushing.  He's sooo fat in the evenings, after grazing all day, then he "deflates" overnight.  ( I suppose it's that rumen and 4 stomachs doing their work.)
We make up silly songs about him, and the kids draw cute cartoons about his adventures.
Wes is teasing Moe, because Moe was trying to get up on the hay bale.
Moe is 9 months old and still growing.  We are so thankful for the simple pleasure he brings us.  Even the big kids show pictures to their friends, so Moe has fans in AL and FL! 
 Everybody loves Moe!!

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  1. I love Moe too - so add on Virginia :)