Lazy weekend

Well, not really lazy, more like sleep deprived.  When DH is on night shift, both of us are zombies.
I do the bare minimum, cook, laundry, daily farm chores, and tend to kids.  
Waid drew this great picture of cows, his pictures make me smile.
Emmi tried to get Milly to wear a "straw hat", but that didn't last long.
Notice she was in short sleeves, Waid, below, is in long sleeves the next day.  Then it went to 31 degrees that night; of course it will be back up to 80 by the end of next week.  Lately I have to announce every morning whether to put on long sleeves or short.

Waid and Jenna built a fun park for the princess dolls.  Jenna had to do some schoolwork, and I caught Waid playing nicely all alone.  They played this "game" all day with no fussing or problems!
This is Ms. Pesky.  She doesn't free range, and spend her nights in the chicken coop like the other 60 something chickens.  She chooses to live in this feeding trough in a barn stall.  We put eggs under her a few weeks ago, this morning one of the eggs hatched. 
She's the 1st hen on our farm to hatch a chick on her own.  We hatch all the others in the incubator.
It will be interesting to watch her care for it, among all the other animals.  I hope the cats don't try to get it!

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