"Monday" Again

Not really, but our week of "Monday's" continues.  However, I am determined it will end today=).
Yesterday BOTH of my Electrolux vacuum cleaners died.  The canister one is 10 years old, and has been used in 2 renovations, so I really can't complain.
The stick vac was about 3 years old, and is used everyday in the kitchen and dining room multiple times.
After the second one broke, I had to drop everything, and get on Amazon to read reviews, and spend several hundred dollars to get a new vac here ASAP.  6 kids + farm = lots of dirt

My beautiful new honed marble bathroom vanity top arrived-----with crooked faucet holes.  DH got out the faucet, and pretended to install it, to see if the whole thing would have to be redone for a 1/4  inch mistake.  Thank goodness there was enough wiggle room to cover the crooked-ness with the faucet handles....still frustrating though, it took a while for my heart rate to return to normal.
I discovered  tears in my Bogs clogs across the toe, and side seam.  I bought them in the spring, after much research.  I also have Bogs boots for winter, which I love.  So I felt I could justify the price, expecting them to last several years.
The good news is:  I sent a note and picture to Bogs customer service, they quickly responded, and sent me a gift card in the mail.  My new clogs should arrive next week!  
So here's the beginning of a new week (although it's Saturday) of NOT Mondays.  
(Did that make any sense?)  
 It is so nice to see a company respond quickly and correct the problem without a hassle!  Thank you Bogs!  I am now truly a loyal customer!
Despite my frustrating week, I am very thankful that we are blessed with the means to replace a vacuum cleaner, get a filling in a kids tooth, etc.  We are truly blessed!

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