Bartering again

This cool neighbor is building a half underground house, totally off grid.  His parents already have one.  He has completed the work that he needed the backhoe for, and is going to sell it.  DH asked if he would do a little work here before he sells the backhoe.  

One of our ponds overflows to the lake.  There is a area where an old underground pipe had rusted out.  They crushed the pipe, and have a new pipe to lay in on top of it.
Cool neighbor also was able to straighten up the rough edges of the pond.  

We weren't trying to make the pond larger, just neater.  DH still has to move the extra dirt.

For a couple hours backhoe work, we traded some old hay and rabbit manure to go on neighbor's garden, and will supply his family with a couple of gallons of milk each week for the next few months.

We sold a dozen Black Copper Marans today.  When we brought their "waiting on pick-up" cage out, the kittens were amazed.  They stood on hind legs looking at the birds.  I didn't get a good picture, but it really was a bit of morning entertainment for us.

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