Barn repair and bedroom "before"

Last Sunday we had a thunderstorm with some strong winds.
Rain was blowing sideways, patio furniture toppling over, etc.
We didn't think much about it until feeding time, when we saw two sheets of barn roof bent over backwards.

Fortunately, we had found a repair guy a few weeks ago for something else.  The fix was easy-peasy......
except for being WAY UP THERE!!!!!!
I'm so thankful we found this repair guy (by way of goat sales), and he will probably be working on my bathroom soon---YAAAAAYYYYYYY!
And I am finally getting the bedroom painted, so I thought I'd show you a before picture.
There is crown moulding with only one coat of paint, all splotchy like.  I AM thankful the crown moulding is already in place though, or I would not be writing this post for another year--DH is not fond of installing crown.
See the paint above?  Not sure what happened there, but it was like that in several places.  Maybe the previous owners painted during a power outage and could not see--who knows.  The paint is a light shade of mauve.  The mauve curtains were discarded long ago.  The mauve honeycomb shades remained, until I took them down today.  We had black fabric over this window, because with mauve shades, the sunshine made the room glow---you guessed it---MAUVE.  
I got the ceiling painted today, and the 1st coat on the trim.  I hope to finish the painting on Tuesday, and start sewing the curtains.

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